24 hours prior to application use a non oily exfoliating scrub such as brown sugar or sea-salt.

Store bought exfoliants tend to have oil in them, please check the ingredients; do not use them prior to your appointment if they have any  oil.

Shave or wax legs 24 hours prior to application.

Make up must be removed if you want to spray your face.

Do not moisturize the morning prior to your appointment. 

Do not wear Deodorant or perfume.

Do not apply anything on your skin that might prevent the product from absorbing.

Wear dark colored undergarments to be sprayed in.

Women may spray with or without undergarments,   men must wear shorts.

Do not use Dove brand products before your spray tan.

If you spray tanned 7 days or more before your appointment, you should remove your tan before your next spray tan.

Wear Dark, loose, non strappy clothing and flip flops the day of your appointment or bring a change or clothes that meets this criteria.


 If neededBlow dry body with cool air, you can stand under a/c vent or use a hair dryer with cool shot button, until the solution is absorbed and dry.

Wear dark loose fitting clothing.

Wait 8 - 12 Hours to shower for premium tan, and rinse your hands carefully with only water after 4 hours, see more info on showering times below.

Wait 1 -3 Hours to shower for premium express tan, see more info on showering times below.

Do not work out for at least 12 hours after application.  Do not swim or go in the Hot tub for 24 hours.

Wear dark pants and long sleeved clothing to sleep before your first shower.

Do not use Dove brand products for the duration of your spray tan. Do not moisturize for 24 hours after your spray tan and do not apply anything to your skin until your first shower.

After 24 hours of application, moisturize every day with a natural moisturizer, preferably alcohol free.

For premium express tan use cool Water only on your first shower. Do not use soap or other products.

For premium tan you may use soap lightly on your first shower.

Pat dry skin, do not rub skin with towel.

Do not shave or wax for at least 48 hours.Wait until the water runs clear.

Shower Times:  


8 Hours - Light to Medium tan

 10 Hours - Medium Tan

12 Hours - Medium to Dark tan


1 Hour - Light Tan

2 Hours - Medium Tan

3 Hours - Dark Tan


 The secret to a great Spray tan is how well you prepare your skin prior to the application, exfoliating thoroughly will ensure that your spray tan goes on even and stays even.  

If you want your tan to last longer you should avoid activities that exfoliate your skin, such as cardio exercise that makes you sweat excessively, swimming for extended periods of time, soaking in the hot tub, seating in steam rooms or saunas, etc.

If you want to use a tan extender after your spray tan, we suggest you use a tanning mitt to apply it in order to avoid streaking.

You must wear sunscreen if you will be going under the sun, the spray tan does not protect your skin from UV rays.

Results vary from person to person, if you are spray tanning for the first time, you should shower sooner than later. After you know how your skin develops the tan, you can wait longer to shower the next time you spray tan.

Do not wait more that the advised times above to shower. Waiting longer than advised doesn't mean your tan will be darker.

If you have any questions, contact us!